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Access your media instantly!

Enjoy your entire collection of videos and music on your mobile device and any browser; without the need to upload or sync.

Sorry, ZumoCast is currently not supported on this platform

Take Your Music

No more syncing music to your phone. ZumoCast streams your entire music collection to you with a familiar interface. It even supports your iTunes playlists.

Video Streaming

Streams video of any format (mp4, avi, mkv, divx, and more). No conversion necessary. Video can be streamed over any connection, even 3G.

Optimized for Mobile

ZumoCast is designed for your mobile devices. The mobile app adapts media to work with any connection. It also lets you download media to the device for offline access.

Your Personal Cloud

ZumoCast turns your computers into a personal cloud, enabling you to access all of your files and media without having to upload. Now you have access to all your content with zero effort.